End poverty in all its forms everywhere

Activities of Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abay 2020-2021 academic year

In the non-profit joint-stock company "Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abay" achievement and implementation of objectives of the SDGs is carried out in 5 areas on the basis of the Policy of Sustainable Development of the non-profit joint-stock company "Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abay": "people" (eliminating poverty and hunger in all forms and ensuring equal access to a decent life), "planet" (protecting the climate and natural resources of our planet for future generations), "prosperity" (ensuring prosperity and fulfilling life in harmony with nature), "peace" (promoting peaceful, just and inclusive communities), "partnership" (implementing the agenda through strong global cooperation).

    The non-profit "KazNPU named after Abay" implements SDG 1 - the elimination of poverty - in the direction of "people". In 2020-2021 in this direction was done:
  • The privileges (discounts from 10% to 100%) for 1237 students from the most socially disadvantaged population were provided: 17 orphans, 24 students with special educational needs, 1020 students from socially vulnerable categories were able to study for free.

    - 33 orphans were given financial compensation for meals;

    - 11 orphans were provided with free accommodation in university dormitories;

    - 13 orphaned graduates received monetary compensation and lump sum payments.

  • "KazNPU named after Abay" as a higher education institution directly related to pedagogy and education issues, promotes lifelong learning of citizens. In this regard, the "Silver University" Abai University was created - an educational space for adult education: courses in computer literacy and IT skills, art courses, language courses, various handicraft techniques, fitness, dance, psycho-pedagogical school, the basics of financial literacy, etc.

Within the framework of the Silver University there were art courses, various handicraft techniques, fitness and dance courses.

    In the 2020/2021 academic year, work was carried out to improve the pedagogical and research competencies of Abai University faculty:
  • Summer online school "Digital Educator", 730 teachers of the University, 60 teachers of schools in Almaty were trained;
  • Summer school: "Experience and problems of the higher pedagogical education", 1047 participants;
  • Winter School: "Pedagogical education in the format of distance learning", 1127 participants.
  • The "Winter School 2021", organized by the Professional Development Center of Kaz NPU named after Abay, was attended by UNESCO experts with a training on the implementation of distance learning.