Reduce inequality within and among countries

Activities of the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abay 2020-2021 academic year

SDG 10 in KazNPU named after Abay is implemented as a result of systematic work in the directions of "Peace" and "Prosperity": support of volunteer movement and voluntary participation in social, economic and political life regardless of their age, gender, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion and economic or other status.

The directions "Peace" and "Prosperity" are largely related to the educational work organized at the university.

    The University's educational and social work is based on the following priorities:
  • National Education.
  • Improving the system of student government.
  • Increasing the creative potential of young people.
  • Development of volunteer movement.
  • Policy of academic honesty.
  • Work on social support.
  • Sports - a healthy way of life.
    Within the framework of the program "Rukhani zhangyru" a wide range of activities was carried out:
  • "Tugan zher" - 9;
  • "Latyn әlipbinе koshu" - 5;
  • "Geography of Kazakhstan" - 1;
  • Student and graduate students of the Department of Health Care - 25;
    Humanities Education Project:
  • "100 Books" - 3;
  • "The history of the world" - 13;
  • Zhyr Alyby - Zhambyl" - 5;
  • "100 Jasim - Tulgatanu" - 10;
  • "Zhahandagy Kazirgi Kazak Mendenieti" - 2;
  • "Dala zhastary" - 8.

In June 2021 was organized the international scientific and practical online conference "Kazakstan in the sphere of history and culture and the history of humanity" under the project "Tugan zher".

The project "Abaytanu zhaa beleste" was implemented for the purpose of deeper study of Abay's heritage, widening of the outlook and spiritual development of the younger generation. Thirteen events were held under this project in the year of Abay.

In May 2021 on the 175th anniversary of Zhambyl Zhabayev the children's competition "Zhambyl Ymiti" was organized.

In order to educate the young generation on the example of outstanding personalities of Kazakhstan the project "Kөrnektі tulgalardy zertteu zerdeleu" was implemented.

    At the same time, publication of the series "Ұli dala tulgalary" continues under the project "Humanitarian Life: 100 of them":
  • Ancient Turks and other Kazakhs / Omarbekov t.-Almaty: Ulagat, 2020
  • Kazakh Khans / Omarbekov t.-Almaty: Ulagat, 2020.
  • Kazakh Bi-Chechens / Tebenov t.-Almaty: Ulagat, 2020;
  • Kazakh thinkers / Smagulova S.-Almaty: Ulagat, 2020;
  • Public and state figures / Abzhanov H., Nurymbetova g.-Almaty: Ulagat, 2020;
  • Kazakh Batyrs / Abzhanov H., Nurymbetova g.-Almaty: Ulagat, 2021;
  • Akyn zhyrau / Ibraeva A.-Almaty: Ulagat, 2021;
  • Alash arystary / Smagulova S.-Almaty: Ulagat, 2021;
  • Lessons of personality / K. Naribaev, D. Mukatova, N. Naribaeva, A. Beisembaeva - Almaty: Ulagat, 2021;
  • A Son of the Great Steppe. Collection of memories about K. Naribaev / Nurymbetova G., Mukatova D., Naribaeva M., Beisembaeva A. - Almaty: Ulagat, 2021.

In order to raise the status of the state language and ensure its sustainability, the project "Latyn әlipbiine koshu" was implemented. In the framework of the project conferences, seminars, round tables, cognitive and educational webinar "Latin әліпбиіне көшу - ұлтық sananyң жағыruы" were held.

In celebrating the 30th anniversary of independence of the RK in educational-educational work, attention was focused on the increase of patriotism, spirituality and ideological orientation, conducted activities, including the promotion of the heritage of prominent personalities.

    Significant dates:
  • 180th anniversary of Ybrai Altynsarin
  • 175th anniversary of Abai Kunanbayev
  • 175th anniversary of Zhambyl Zhabayev
  • 155th anniversary of Alikhan Bukeykhanov
  • 150th anniversary of the birthday of Khadzhimukan Munaitpassov

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of independence of the RK in the field of education and educational work 49 events are planned, including 10 international, 6 national, 6 city and 27 within the University. Of these, 38 projects were implemented within the "Rukhani Zhangyru".

In the process of distance learning, talented young people from among students achieved high results, winning prizes at international student projects, national scientific conferences and competitions "Talenty mughalim -2020", "Zhas tilshiler forums". With the direct assistance of the Department of Educational, Social Work and Youth Policy (hereinafter - DESR&YMP) 23 new student clubs were opened and the content of the code of ethics of teachers, staff and students was updated.

The team of the University "Jas Times" achieved the best result in the intellectual program "IQ Almaty", also the student club "Everest" won the second place in the project "Zhaydarman Life". 80 university students who have shown activity in political and cultural life of the country were awarded by diplomas on behalf of Yelbas Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev, the chairman of "NurOtan" party.

    In order to activate and diversify the youth volunteer movement, it is planned to organize and implement activities in the following areas: pedagogical, inclusive, environmental, digital, cultural, legal volunteering, as well as the following social projects:
  • Ізгілік елшісі / Accelerator of kindness - 17 higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • "Plant a tree".
  • "Kedergisiz keleshek".
    In order to counteract corruption and ensure the policy of academic integrity in the university opened and successfully operates the center "Parasat". In the academic year 2020-2021 this center together with the DVSR&MP implemented the following activities:
  • Meetings of students with the university management before the winter and summer examination sessions,
  • City round table "Adaldyk Alany",
  • Competition for the best drawing "Corruption in the eyes of children",
  • A set of activities of the Republican Project Office "Sanaly ұrpaқ".

During the summer vacations, 35 students were involved in temporary work in the student labor team. In addition, 15 students were included in the admissions committee, 80 students-volunteers were involved in the census of the Medeu district.

In order to promote mass sports among young people 15 events were organized: 13 university and 2 city-wide competitions. At the end of the XI Summer Universiade University student athletes won 167 medals, including 18 gold, 47 silver, 102 bronze, thus taking 3rd place in the team event among 60 teams of other higher educational institutions.